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Our Commitment to You

Who We Are

YUPRO Placement champions skills-first hiring by sourcing, recruiting, retaining, and advancing traditionally overlooked talent. As a mission-driven placement firm, we serve as the connector between forward-thinking employers, national upskilling partner networks, and career-ready talent. With on-the-job coaching, upskilling, and wraparound supports, YUPRO Placement creates pathways to upward economic mobility-simultaneously increasing diversity in the workplace. The result: a high performing workforce with the skills to drive positive career and business outcomes. 

But what does this mean for you? 

Our Pursuit in Equitable Job Opportunities 

Building a talented and equitable workforce from diverse social, cultural, and educational backgrounds results in fresh ideas, new approaches, and stronger business performance.  

We recognize that traditional hiring measures such as attainment of degrees does not  accurately reflect a candidate’s potential. That is why YUPRO Placement prioritizes transferrable skills, competencies, and career experiences  to showcase your true talents and capabilities to employers.  

We push to send the message that achieving meaningful change requires dedication to reshaping company culture to meet the demands of the future of work. We push boundaries for collaboration and opportunity-focused practices to build a culture that provides knowledge,awareness, and long-term solutions to build talent internally from the ground up. 

Our Community Values 

With 100,000+ skilled and vetted talent in our talent community across the nation, we are in awe of your eagerness to learn, drive for career success, and continued efforts to grow your skill set and the value you can bring to employers.  That is why we embrace the following community values, creating an environment where your career skills, aspirations, and growth are nurtured. 

  • Responsibility-We put our Talent Community first. 
    • We take responsibility for fostering an inclusive and diverse workforce where your needs are prioritized. 
  • Empathy-We value every voice. 
    • We place value on your unique perspectives and experiences, creating an environment where everyone’s voice is heard. 
  • Persistence-We are relentless in pursuit of our Mission. 
    • We are dedicated to supporting your career journey by continuously seeking new opportunities for you and advocating for your growth in the workplace. 
  • Objectivity-We are accountable to the metrics that matter. 
    • With our reported 95% positive outcomes, we are committed to your success. 
  • Well-Being-We encourage balance and well-being for our staff and talent community because world-shifting work is challenging. 

Through our skills-first hiring initiatives, we assist organizations in recognizing the immense value that our talent brings to their teams. Together, we are reshaping the landscape of talent acquisition, promoting fair and equitable hiring practices that focus on skills and potential, and ultimately creating a mutually beneficial relationship between yourself and the organizations you join. 

Our Resources 

YUPRO Placement recognizes the immense value of talent Skilled Through Alternative Routes (STARs) and is committed to providing comprehensive resources to support our talent community. We firmly believe in the power of diverse perspectives and are dedicated to empowering individuals who bring unique knowledge, skills, and career experiences to the table. As part of our social mission to serve our talent community, our resources include both live sessions with our staff, as well as tools to support your career journey: 

  • Virtual Office Hours to which includes job search strategies and topics such as resume and interview guidance, where to gain access to YUPRO Placement’s upskilling resources, and more. To register, click here
  • Jobseeker Bootcamp held each month, providing talent with live, virtual sessions covering topics such as job search strategies, LinkedIn and personal branding, resume creation, and more. To register, click here.  
  • In partnership with FindHelp.org, YUPRO Placement connects talent with 875+ free and reduced-cost social care resources so that our community of jobseekers, employees, and community partner participants, and coachees shine. To access the self-service portal, click here.  

Job Placement with Social Impact is Better Business. 

At YUPRO Placement, we firmly believe that job placement with social impact goes hand in hand with building better businesses. It is an eight-word initiative that embodies our commitment to promoting positive change through organizations, communities, and the workforce.  

We are on a mission to  equitable job opportunities, that is our commitment to you. 

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