a revolutionary strategy to find and retain top talent

Close skills gaps with our Skills-to-Staff™ professional apprenticeship

A modern solution to hiring

You seek talent with the precise skills to meet business demands, though the ever-widening skills gap and competition for talent is real.

Our Skills-to-Staff™ Professional Apprenticeship is a comprehensive contract hiring solution that empowers employers to kickstart a results-driven, on-the-job learning program. 

We fill your in-demand professional roles with already skilled professionals, and through our Skills-to-Staff™ upskilling pathways, talent gain the skills to help sustain your organization’s growth.

Skills-to-Staff™ professional apprenticeship in a nutshell

What is it?

You need skilled talent for early and mid-career, non-specialized roles.  To meet your hiring demand, we source already skilled professional talent from our 30+ training provider partners focused on upskilling historically excluded talent who are ready to make a difference on day one.

We leverage a finite contract assignment coupled with a structured, on-the-job upskilling pathway, coaching, and professional development.

This is a win-win for companies, talent, and communities.

  • Cost efficient
  • Low risk
  • High reward

How customizable is our Skills-to-Staff™ professional apprenticeship?

Our program is specifically designed to give employers more flexibility while investing in on-the-job learning:

  • We offer an informal apprenticeship program with a duration of 13, 26, 39 or 52 weeks with a customizable upskilling curriculum to best align with the precise skills to meet your business demands.
  • Alternatively, employers can choose our Department of Labor (DOL) registered apprenticeship with a duration of 52 weeks, with DOL approved and pre-determined curriculum covering 1000 work hours and 144 hours of structured learning aligned with a specific job title.

Who is the Skills-to-Staff™ professional apprenticeship ideal for?

We offer our Skills-to-Staff™ Apprenticeship directly in collaboration with corporations or through partnerships with training providers and apprenticeship intermediaries.


Apprenticeship intermediaries

Training providers

Upskilling paths offered.

We offer upskilling pathway tracks across various industries and business verticals, including (though not limited to):

  • Business operations such as Customer Service, Customer Support, Project Management, and Data.
  • Tech such as Cybersecurity, IT Support, Software Development, and U/X Design.
  • Other business needs such as Digital Marketing and Human Resources.

We have four registered program offerings:

  • Software development
  • Data analyst
  • IT support technician
  • Digital marketer

An award-winning program.

We revolutionized the formerly known OnRamps@Work Apprenticeship after winning the Best Work-Based Learning Program in the U.S. recruiting and staffing industry for three consecutive years. 

YUPRO Placement is an official Apprenticeship Ambassador

YUPRO Placement was awarded Apprenticeship Ambassador by the Department of Labor for its ongoing efforts and leadership in expanding the use of apprenticeships to overcome skills gaps and talent shortages.

Have more questions? Check our apprenticeship FAQs

Why choose us.

Skilled professional talent

Skills-to-Staff™ is designed to address the nationwide shortage of skilled talent. Unlike other apprenticeships that may target recent graduates, our program focuses on early and mid-career professionals who already possess a solid foundation of skills and experience through nontraditional routes.


Our streamlined, all-inclusive Skills-to-Staff™ model ensures that corporations can seamlessly implement on-the-job training and start addressing their critical skills gaps in record time. Our end-to-end approach eliminates the need for corporations to allocate internal resources to manage the program, allowing them to focus on their core business objectives.

Predictable cost

Skills-to-Staff™ is offered as an all-inclusive flat fee, including all wages, benefits, burden, upskilling, coaching, professional development, and support for talent, which provides corporations with complete transparency and cost predictability. This low-risk, high-reward model is void of surprises down the line.


Skills-to-Staff™ talent hit the ground running, offering immediate business results.  Then, our upskilling paths bridge skills gaps while building loyalty and engagement that further drives ROI. We quickly address skill gaps so you start experiencing the benefits of a fully trained workforce.

Skills-to-Staff™ is delivered in partnership with: