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Welcome to YUPRO Placement.

More than just a placement agency, we’re on a mission. Established in 2014 as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) and a wholly owned subsidiary of the non-profit organization Year Up, Inc., YUPRO Placement has surged to the forefront of skills-first hiring, passionately advocating for historically excluded talent nationwide. Join us as we revolutionize the hiring landscape, one job opportunity at a time.

What we do.

Innovative and nontraditional skills-first workforce solutions that address skills gaps and hiring demand for employers nationwide.


Assess a YUPRO Placement employee in real work settings before making a permanent hiring decision.

Professional apprenticeships

A practical yet innovative solution to hiring and training talent on the job.

Direct hire

You can focus on your core competencies while we manage an inclusive skills-first recruitment process to meet your hiring demands.

MSP specialty staffing

Enhance your program with a trusted specialty staffing partner to gain access to untapped talent.

Trusted by leading organizations across industries.

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