YUPRO Placement in the news

Staffing Industry Analysts

May 20, 2024

Katie Breault Named to SIA’s 2024 DEI Influencers List


April 16, 2024

Skills-first hiring has CIOs rethinking talent strategies

CIO logo

April 12, 2024

Is Your Entry-Level Hiring Strategy Flawed?


March 26, 2024

YUPRO Placement earns ClearlyRated’s Best Staffing Firms for Women Award

HR Morning

March 13, 2024

Degrees of Change: The Shift to Skills-Based Hiring With Michelle Sims, CEO of YUPRO Placement

SIA Staffing Stream

March 2, 2024

The Transformative Power of a Fractional Hire


March 1, 2024

10 Ways Female Leaders Champion Women’s Empowerment In The Workplace

SHRM Executive Network

February 20, 2024

Bill Aims to End Hiring Bias Against Workers Without Bachelor’s Degrees


February 6, 2024

YUPRO Placement Earns 2024 Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction and Best of Staffing Employee Satisfaction

Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA)

September 19, 2023

YUPRO Placement Named to SIA’s 2023 Fastest-Growing Staffing Firms List


July 18, 2023

Margaret Walkup Named to SIA’s 2023 40 Under 40 List


June 6, 2023

YUPRO Placement Name ClearlyRated Best Staffing Firms for Women™


May 30, 2023

Ainsley Castro Named to SIA’s 2023 DEI Influencers List

U.S. Department of Labor

May 25, 2023

YUPRO Placement Named U.S. Department of Labor Apprenticeship Ambassador

National Association of Workforce Boards

May 18, 2023

How (and Why) Companies Should Support Skills-First Hiring


March 30, 2023

Skills-First Is More Than A Hiring Strategy, It’s A Mindset

SHRM Executive Network

February 14, 2023

Favorite Job Interview Questions from the C-Suite


February 28, 2023

YUPRO Placement Invites Employers to Adopt Skills-First Hiring Practices


February 13, 2023

Year Up Professional Resources, PBC (YUPRO) Announces Name Change and Continued Commitment to Skills-First Hiring


February 7, 2023

YUPRO (YEAR UP PROFESSIONAL RESOURCES) Earns 2023 Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction and Best of Staffing Employee Satisfaction

Talent Management

January 11, 2023

5 ways organizations can attract and foster belonging among diverse talent

HR Morning

January 27, 2023

How a skills-first approach can help ignite hiring efforts


November 18, 2022

YUPRO’s Michelle Sims Named to SIA Global Power 150 Women in Staffing List


November 16, 2022

OpenClassrooms Expands U.S. Offerings Through New Apprenticeship Program with Merck

OpenClassrooms apprenticeship programs

October 7, 2022

YUPRO Placement Honored for Best Work-Based Training Program in U.S. Staffing and Recruiting Industry

ASA 2022

January 27, 2023

YUPRO Placement listed #35 of 122 on the 2022 Fastest Growing US Staffing Firms

YUPRO Placement SIA Fastest Growing Staffing Firms 2022
Open Campus

August 25, 2022

Could one-year apprenticeships become a thing in tech?

YUPRO Placement Openclassroom Partnership

February 13, 2023

Tirranny Nettles, YUPRO Placement Director of Recruiting, earns recognition in the staffing industry as a SIA 40 under 40 honoree


June 13, 2022

5 Key Takeaways from NYEC Panel with YUPRO


February 13, 2023

Two YUPRO Placement Executives Named to SIA’s 2022 DEI Influencers

Thought Leadership

March 29, 2022

A Commitment To Diversity Won’t Necessarily Move The Needle On Change

Apprenticeship Program

January 27, 2023

YUPRO Placement Builds an Apprenticeship Program Learning Community Through Forward-thinking Tech with Partner Symba

Business Wire

March 9, 2022

YUPRO, a Mid-Size Diversity Staffing Firm, Sees an Astonishing 230% Revenue Growth

Business Wire

February 2, 2022

Year Up Professional Resources, PBC (YUPRO) Wins Two ClearlyRated 2022 Best of Staffing Awards


December 16, 2021

YUPRO Placement listed #38 of 52 on the 2021 Fastest Growing US Staffing Firms


November 16, 2021

Michelle Sims, CEO YUPRO, is named as a SIA 2021 Global Power 150 – Phenomenal Women in Staffing

Workshift/Open Campus

October 14, 2021

YUPRO Placement is an IBM SkillsBuild partner, joining the mission to upskill 30 million people by 2030

Business Wire

October 19, 2021

YUPRO Placement and WorkLlama Partner to expand reach connecting diverse candidates with Fortune 500 employers


September 2021

Michelle Sims, CEO YUPRO, named a SIA’s 2021 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Influencer – the first list for SIA comprising 50 professionals in the workforce solutions ecosystem who have been making great strides in varied ways to move the diversity mission forward.


September 13, 2022

Katie Breault, Vice President at YUPRO, earns recognition in the staffing industry as a SIA 40 under 40 honoree


September 13, 2022

YUPRO Placement contractor, Katie Brewer, awarded the Engineering, Information Technology, and Scientific Sector All-Star


August 31, 2021

YUPO’s OnRamps@Work Apprenticeship Program recognized for its impact in underrepresented young adult talent

SIA Staffing Stream

June 8, 2022

YUPRO Placement Executives Named to SIA’s 2022 DEI Influencers List

SIA Staffing Stream

July 19, 2021

YUPRO Placement creates opportunities for nontraditional workers connecting employers with nonprofit training provider workers

Work Shift, a Project of Open Campus

June 23, 2022

Michelle Sims, CEO YUPRO, comments on skills-based hiring and connecting nonprofit workforce talent to jobs with economic mobility

Clearly Rated Best of Staffing Industry

February 2, 2021

YUPRO Placement wins ClearlyRated’s 2021 Best of Staffing Client Award for Service Excellence


October 1, 2020

Award recognizes YUPRO’s “Pathways at Work – Your StepUP to Success” program for Opportunity Talent


October 13, 2020

YUPRO Placement provides KIPP Alumni Community with Career Coaching Support Services


December 12, 2018

YUPRO Placement earns the ASA 2018 Care Award