Bridging the skills gap through work-based learning programs

OnRamps@Work Apprenticeship Program

Powered by YUPRO Placement in partnership with Grow with Google

YUPRO Placement, in partnership with the Google Career Certificates Employer Consortium, launched a unique skills-first hiring solution that combines Grow with Google’s industry-recognized Career Certificates with YUPRO Placement’s award-winning work-based learning program.

Over 100 YUPRO Placement apprentices have gained access to Google Career Certificates since 2021. YUPRO Placement talent on assignment have a 95% positive outcome rate* which includes talent who completed our program and talent converted to full-time employment.

Grow with Google Career Pathways

Build your workforce of tomorrow and meet your hiring goals today. Drive diversity and equity in high-demand roles.

Skill-First Apprenticeship Solution

YUPRO Placement Wrap Around Supports

Career Advancement & Job Placement Services include:

  • Monthly Jobseeker Bootcamp
  • Weekly Drop-In Office Hours
  • Social Care Resources
  • Career Advancement Events and Webinars
  • Access to on-the-job career coaching and workplace wellness counseling
  • Access to industry recognized Career Certificates

Steps to Get Involved

  1. Commit to building a more inclusive workforce by adopting a skills-based hiring strategy. Learn More.
  2. Get started today by meeting with a member of our Workforce Solutions team:
  3. Hire top candidates from our National Opportunity Workforce of 100,000+ talent who have the skills to future proof your hiring and retention strategy. Value of Apprenticeships.

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