Apprenticeships empower companies to build a skilled, diverse workforce today to ensure a better tomorrow.

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OnRamps@Work Apprenticeship Program, Powered by YUPRO

This apprenticeship program can bridge the skills and experience gap for your organization. Hire early career and middle-skill diverse talent. Let them thrive in a career and grow with your business.

Our untapped talent pool – Opportunity Talent – is ready and eager to work. They’ve put in the time and the effort to master job-ready skills. They’ve earned certifications and fulfilled YUPRO’s rigorous training requirements in partnership with experts at Year Up, Per Scholas, Generation USA, CareerWorks, SkillUp, Genesys Works, and more.

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Gain access to untapped talent.

The talent shortage drives increased demand for entry-level and middle-skill workers. YUPRO meets that demand, connecting mid-market and Fortune 1000 companies with Opportunity Talent.

Our award-winning, all-inclusive earn + learn OnRamps@Work Apprenticeship Program provides access to over 30,000 ready-to-work candidates. We employ, coach, train, and upskill all apprentices so they are ready for full-time opportunities upon program completion. 

When the apprenticeship is complete, there is no fee to convert Opportunity Talent to an FTE role.

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Apprenticeships drive impactful outcomes.

Forward-looking companies that create a more diverse workforce with Opportunity Talent simultaneously close skills and experience gaps, while setting the stage for remarkable outcomes.

YUPRO apprenticeships enable non-degreed talent to gain job experience while earning a fair market wage. Apprentices develop confidence, build skills toward economic mobility, and dramatically change the course of their careers. Companies fill in-demand roles, increase employee engagement and retention, and build their own pipeline of talent.

Empower Opportunity Talent to thrive with great companies.

85% of YUPRO talent complete their contract assignments versus the national average of 68%.

91% of YUPRO talent obtain full-time employment upon completing their assignment.

With an average hourly apprenticeship wage of $20 – above the average U.S. BLS pay for postsecondary BIPOC talent – we drive positive social impact.

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Create jobs that forge a path of economic mobility for Opportunity Talent

YUPRO’s OnRamps@Work Apprenticeship Program supports talent through their entire journey:

  • Fair market wages
  • Health and wellness benefits
  • Social care resources
  • Trained career coaches
  • Professional development of hard and soft skills
  • Professional volunteer mentors
  • Industry-recognized upskilling and free industry-recognized certifications
  • Lifetime career-readiness support
  • Access to tuition-free community college

“If I were to recommend this program to my best friend, I would say that it is a life-changing opportunity and has strengthened my soft and hard skills, which has made me an asset to any corporation. They have instilled confidence in me and also the work that I produce for any employer.”

Lee Ann P., Referential
Data Analyst at BNP Paribas

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