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Level Up and Lead the Nation

Your company has the power to impact our nation's workforce. When businesses commit to closing economic divides and empowering social and career mobility, they become an industry leader and model for others.

Level up. Hire YUPRO Talent. Build a workforce of diversity, equality, and opportunity for all.

Opportunity Talent Can Get the Job Done

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Opportunity Talent are individuals from traditionally untapped talent pools who are resilient, motivated, and actively seeking economic stability through employment. Opportunity Talent represent a diverse range of skills and experiences and can address many talent gaps.

Why work with Opportunity Talent? They are an often-overlooked source of available talent. They bring diverse perspectives, motivation, and adaptability to the workplace. Many of the skills and perspectives offered by Opportunity Talent can help businesses prepare for the future and become more responsive to the evolving world of work.

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Impact Your Reputation, Employee Retention, and Business Results

Applicants, employees, your vendors, and other businesses increasingly want to associate with socially responsible and DEIB committed organizations. Your social reputation and employee retention are core to your long-term business success. When your hiring strategy supports career pathways for historically underrepresented communities, and you commit to hiring diverse talent, your reputation, employee engagement, and business results soar.

YUPRO Services

Employers gain access to a strong pipeline of motivated talent that is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and competencies that directly reflect the needs of our employer partners and industry trends.

YUPRO Program & Placement Benefits

Your investment in hiring YUPRO talent goes directly towards our social mission and enables us to offer fair-market wages, comprehensive benefits, and professional development including:

Building Stronger Businesses through Opportunity Employment

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Need some Level Up support? Grads of Life, an affiliate of our parent company, Year Up, Inc., works with leading employers to create inclusive talent strategies that benefit their businesses and advance racial and economic justice. The organization provides employers with tools, insights, and partnerships to address talent needs in an inclusive, equitable way.

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