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How to work with a recruiter to find a job

Searching and applying for jobs can be an exciting and also stressful time. But one way to streamline the process and increase your chances of getting a job offer is to work with a recruiter. Typically, candidates are connected to a recruiter after the candidate applies for a job. Sometimes that connection is made prior to applying for a job. 

A recruiter can work for a company, independently, or for a staffing agency, and their job is to act as a liaison between candidates and clients. Clients let recruiters know what jobs they have available and the skills and qualifications they’re looking for. Then, the recruiter finds candidates who are a good fit and helps coordinate the hiring process. A recruiter communicates with hiring managers on your behalf, schedules interviews, and helps you negotiate offers.

It’s a recruiter’s priority to advocate for you and your career aspirations. They want to get to know you, your goals, and your skillset so they can find you a job that aligns. It requires trust, mutual respect, and a willingness to foster an honest and transparent relationship.

Be open and clear about your career goals

That transparency starts by clearly communicating your career goals. Your recruiter will need to know:

  • What roles you are looking for
  • Your skills, certifications and training completions
  • What attributes are you looking for in a company 
  • Salary and benefit expectations
  • Work environment and/or geographic preferences

It’s important for you to also ask questions. You’re interviewing the recruiter just as much as they’re interviewing you. Make sure you understand their process and expectations. You can also use your conversations with the recruiter as a chance to practice talking about your experience and skills. 

While it isn’t a recruiter’s job to write or edit your resume, don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations or suggestions. They want to position you as the best candidate for the job, and you want them to have the correct and most up-to-date information to do that. 

Be timely and responsive

Recruiters want to fill their client’s open positions as quickly and efficiently as possible. To do that, they need timely responses from you.

From the very beginning of your relationship, discuss the expected timeline for the hiring process and set mutual expectations for responsiveness.

Follow up quickly

Generally, if your recruiter asks for information or vice versa, a response should be made within 24 hours—if not sooner. Both you and the recruiter should agree to make every effort to take each other’s calls or quickly follow up if a call is missed.

Do not ghost

Most importantly, do not ghost your recruiter or the interviews they set up. If something comes up and you can’t attend an interview, or you don’t want to continue a relationship with the recruiter, be transparent about it. 

Failure to show up to an interview or a lack of communication can jeopardize your chances for future job opportunities. Recruiters make note of no-shows in your candidate profile, and those notes can have real consequences. If you ghost the recruiter or their client, the recruiter may terminate the relationship or stop advocating on your behalf for that specific client. 

Stay engaged 

Throughout your job application and interview process, maintain consistent communication with your recruiter. And they should do the same. By checking in, you signal to the recruiter that you’re invested in the opportunity and know how to be proactive about your career. Your tenacity is a trait the recruiter may pass along to the employer as evidence of your value. 

Keep in touch after you land a job

Communication with your recruiter doesn’t need to end if you secure the job. Stay in touch and update them about new certifications you receive or promotions you secure. If you update your resume, send it their way. 

It’s all about relationships. Your network is your net worth, and recruiters have strong networks. They have connections with employers and relationships with hiring managers at dozens if not hundreds of companies. 

They may have access to exclusive job opportunities that companies don’t openly post. If you maintain your relationship and communication, the recruiter will keep you in mind and will continue referring job opportunities that match what you seek. 

Working with a YUPRO Placement recruiter to find a job

All recruiters should have your best interests at heart, but at YUPRO Placement, we take it a step further. We are not simply transactional and focused solely on filling a role, their mission is to empower and equip you to be the best version of yourself. 

We not only want to place you in the right role, but also want to provide upskilling opportunities and resources to better your career: Letting you know about special training opportunities, virtual office hours, Jobseeker Bootcamps, social care resources, and other programming announcements. 

Recruiter and talent success story

At YUPRO Placement, we have many successful, long-term relationships with the talent we support. One candidate reached out to YUPRO Placement looking for opportunities in the private equity sector. Over time, she and her recruiter built a strong relationship and the candidate’s goal of working for a private equity firm was realized. 

But it didn’t stop there. She and her recruiter maintained that relationship and line of communication. She received additional upskilling through YURPO Placement and took advantage of other training opportunities. As a result, she moved from an investment consultant role into a higher-level marketing operations role. 

She is now a dedicated advocate for YUPRO Placement and has helped other YUPRO Placement talent secure jobs at her firm. In 2022, she participated in a panel discussion at our National Alumni Summit. Her story and trajectory is one that can only happen for talent who prioritize their relationship with YUPRO Placement recruiters.

Start your job search now

Unlike relationships with traditional recruiters, there is no end to your relationship with YUPRO Placement. We are in it for the long haul and want to set you up for success in the long term. 

Search our available jobs, learn more about our resources, and connect with a recruiter by visiting our website:

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