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Placement with social impact is better business

As the nation’s leading Opportunity Talent Placement Firm, YUPRO connects forward-thinking companies with diverse talent that drives long-term business success. YUPRO is a Public Benefit Corporation and a wholly owned subsidiary of Year Up, Inc., a leading non-profit workforce development organization. We uphold a shared social mission to close the Opportunity Divide and support Opportunity Talent in securing jobs where they can earn fair and equitable market wages and experience continuity of work in professional roles.


Qualified Candidates

We represent and place only Year Up graduates who all successfully completed the intensive year-long program.

Job Placement Services

We provide a pool of dedicated, determined and skilled talent for permanent roles, contract assignments and conversions from temporary to permanent assignments.

Hand-picked Matches

We match our associates’ skills and their known performance history with our customers’ needs and manage the relationship.


We stay engaged with both our associates and our customers as the partnership is established and the work begins; Check ins, site visits, on-line training and one-on-one career coaching is all a piece of the plan at YUPRO.

Long Term Relationships

We are committed to the long term career advancement of our members and act as a resource for their continued development as contributors in their organizations.

Alumni Support

We return our profits to Year Up for additional alumni programs and services. Are you a YUPRO alumni? Head to the Alumni Sign-Up area to check out our resources!


YUPRO is bringing organizations a new workforce resource with a common year-long training experience. The Year Up Program has proven to be effective in providing over 250 top companies in the US with committed, dedicated, inspired and skilled workers. Our impact on bridging the Opportunity Divide will grow as organizations continue to adopt this socially impactful approach to finding talent in non-traditional places.

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It is natural for interviewees to feel nervous in an interview. Candidates should find common ground with the hiring manager, as they are always looking for qualified people to work with, they also want employees they enjoy working with.

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Lauded by Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton for its track record of success, Year Up is a national nonprofit organization that provides urban young adults with an intensive, yearlong training program and career-focused education in growing professional industries.

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Year Up's greatest asset is our enduring alumni network. We want to be your on-going partner! 85% of Year Up’s alumni are employed and/or attending college full-time within 4 months of completing the program, on a path to economic self-sufficiency and success.

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  • Alumni
    Terrence Thompson, YUPRO Alumni

    We recently visited with Terrence Thompson from Chicago regarding his current work and his perspective on the role Year Up played in his success.

    What is your current position and how long have you been in this role?

    I work in Strategic Sourcing, and I have been in this role for a little over 16 months. I support the IT Colleague Services function of Global Spend Management along with other areas under Global Spend Management here at AON.  I coordinate meetings, establish processes, and drive projects through to completion.

    What gave you the edge when it came to interviewing for this position?

    Besides being an intern here, and learning the ins and outs of the department, I am the first permanent hire AON has made from an intern position.  Most of the time they convert the interns to contracted positions.  AON told me that I showed the skill level of a seasoned employee, similar to what a college graduate would exhibit.  My drive and motivation were key in their decision.

    I am a junior in college and wish to graduate in 2016 with my Bachelor’s in Business and Economics with a concentration in Business Administration.  I have been working full time and going to school full time, so I am anxious to finish school.  I also want to be promoted during that time frame, and take on more responsibilities.

    What advice would you give to a new Year Up student? 

    Pay attention to details and stay on top of things.  It is very easy to get behind if you don’t pace yourself.

    With full-time school and work, have you been able to find time to give back to Year Up?

    Yes I have!  I am the Vice President on the alumni board for Chicago and interact with students frequently.  A recent example would be the Welcome Reception I just participated in.  It is important for me to find the time to give back, and the experience helps me further my leadership skills.

    What would your LC classmates be surprised to hear about you today?

    That I am described as very ambitious and motivated….especially for an employee with only 16 months at AON.

    What is your favorite quote about facing challenges?

    Your attitude determines your latitude!


    Terrence Thompson
  • Alumni
    Daniel Vasquez, YUPRO alumni








    Check out Daniel Vasquez’ experience in his own words, in the video below:


    Daniel Vasquez
  • Accomplished Alumni
    Jose Luis Mora, YUPRO alumni


    After a rigorous application and interview process, I was accepted into Year Up, a leadership and development training program with a focus in IT.

    The first six months are what we call the Learning and Development Phase, where we gain hands on experience in the rudiments of information technology (i.e. computer software and hardware), as well as business communications. I joined Year Up’s 3rd class in September of 2009. As a natural introvert, I was soft-spoken and shy, but attended class every day with 100% attendance and 0 infractions. Unfortunately, however, before I was sent off to my internship, I had to quit the program due to my immigration status. I remember telling myself, “One day I’ll come back…”.

    People must have thought I was looking up at superman, I used to stare at the tallest tower at 1 Market Street and think to myself, “One day I will make it there.” Today, I work in the exact same building.

    I came back to Year Up hungrier and more determined to succeed. I knew the impact Year Up could have in my life. I knew I had to grab this opportunity by the throat.

    Year Up pushed me to be the leader I have always wanted to be and now I am giving back to Year Up by mentoring and managing the upcoming cohort of Autodesk interns.

    1. What is your current role?

    I currently work at Autodesk as their MAC Coordinator, which stands for “moves-adds-changes” for our Bay Area offices. This position requires the ability to interface well with all levels of the company, provide excellent customer service and work as part of a team, all in a challenging, dynamic and quickly growing and evolving environment. My project coordination, time management, corporate communications and IT skills have allowed me the opportunity to succeed and go above my team’s expectations during my internship phase and current position at Autodesk.

    2. What were you doing before Year Up? How did you hear about it?

    I heard about the Year Up program in 2009 and joined YUBA’s cohort for class 3. Unfortunately, I had to quit the program due to my immigration status, even though I had completed the Learning and Development phase with 100% attendance and with all of my hard work and dedication invested towards my future. Leaving the program was the hardest thing I ever had to do, especially at one step away from the Internship phase. I used to work 6am shifts for seven years straight at a restaurant, waiting tables, and for a time imagined this was as far as I was going to go.

    I came back to the program in September 2013 for class 11, more focused and motivated than ever.

    3. How did you use your training at Year Up to leverage your career?

    Year Up trains us in so many ways; I challenged my greatest growth area, which was leadership. Thanks to the program, I have taken on different leadership opportunities and ways to advocate for myself. As a natural introvert, in high school being the soft-spoken one meant I could easily be taken advantage of. As friendly as I am, I let the world control me instead of controlling my world. Year Up pushed me to be the best leader I have always wanted to be. During my graduation, I was awarded the Chris Mello Leadership award for “leading with actions, commitment and integrity.”

    4. Could you describe one of your typical workdays?

    My day-to-day tasks include daily communication with hiring managers regarding new hire seat allocation, office moves and managing a termination list for our Bay Area offices. I also lead initiatives and special projects as required, in support of departmental and business objectives. In addition, I manage and mentor incoming cohort of Autodesk interns from the Year Up program.

    5. What aspect of your current job do you enjoy most?

    What I enjoy most about working at Autodesk is being one of the first Year Up interns to work at our headquarters because I get to show my company the drive and hunger Year Up students possess. I am honored to be Year Up’s internship program manager for Autodesk and have exciting plans to continue to strengthen this partnership. Autodesk has hosted a total of 13 interns ranging from 4-7 interns per cycle. One day I would like Autodesk to host 15-20 interns per cycle. I also hope that each intern can graduate with a career building experience that they can carry with themselves everywhere they go.

    6. What was the most important thing you learned during your time with Year Up?

    One of the best life lessons I learned was not taking no for an answer. Take all that negativity and say to yourself, “Watch me do it.” I remember telling my advisor that once I got my foot in the door, I was not leaving. I challenge myself to do better every day and acknowledge that it will be a struggle, but will be amazed at what I can accomplish.

    7. What do your plans/goals for the future look like?

    Someday I plan to come back to Year Up as a staff member, so I can mentor students and change their lives as much as Year Up has changed mine.

    8. What advice would you give to someone who is currently in the job market?

    Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams and live your passion. Be ruthless for what you want in your life and for every “no,” take it as motivation for self-growth.

    9. Is there anything else you would like to share with the Year Up Alumni community?

    Remember what it’s like to be a Year Up student and give back.


    Jose Luis Mora
  • Accomplished Alumni
    Roberto Green Jr, YUPRO Alumni

    “Ever since I connected with YUPRO I have gained various resourceful tools and insight on ways to progress in my career. They have given me so much invaluable information and advice when it came to advancing my career that it has allowed me to become more confident and strategic as I continue to plan my next steps in my career. Whether you are seeking new opportunities or simply looking to gain new connections with experienced leaders in your industry, YUPRO is the place to go. When opportunity doesn’t come knocking on your door, it becomes your own responsibility to knock on every door in order to continue to progress in your own career path. Let YUPRO guide you in the right direction, and pay it forward by guiding others to YUPRO when they need it most. Thank you all again for all that you do.”

    -Roberto Green, Jr., Senior Client Service Specialist at State Street Bank, Class of January 2011


    Robert Green Jr
  • Alumni

    “Not sure where to start, but I must say my experience with YUPRO was great. YUPRO gave me a call out of the blue one day to tell me about a position they thought I’d be great for. Since I was already working and had a pretty decent job I was only interested if the pay was higher.  YUPRO understood and encouraged me to meet the company to at least sharpen my interview skills.  YUPRO reviewed my resume and helped me prepare for the interview. I followed their suggestions and after two interviews and careful review, I got the job.

    To this day, I cannot thank YUPRO enough. I love my job!  It is molding me in areas I lacked. The level of responsibility keeps me on my toes. Since meeting Patricia at YUPRO I cannot stop talking about them.  They have been a huge help since I started my position. I think it is great that Year Up and YUPRO are consistently working to close the opportunity divide in this country.”

    -Vohn Wright, Baltimore, MD, Senior Account Executive at Capalon Communications, Class of 2013


    Vohn Wright
  • Alumni
    Christina Hubbert, YUPRO Alumni

    “As an active alumni, I have attended two Alumni Summits and was an active member of my local board Alumni Board.  I always felt Year Up had given me so much during my year and it was my time to give back. I would have never imagined I would need more assistance especially not with employment.

    Dr. D reminded me about YUPRO. As a seasoned alumni, I was skeptical about what YUPRO could offer me, but I thought, “what it could hurt?”.  I reached out to Patricia Hughes, she contacted me more quickly than I expected. She asked targeted questions about my experience, my goals, and what I was doing in my job search and reminded me of High Expectations and High Support.

    With YUPRO’s help I focused on building my professional network and have started a new job as a Desk Top Analyst at Chick-Fil-A through TRC Staffing.

    YUPRO provided me with a “refresher” I didn’t even know I needed. The greatest jewel that YUPRO gave me is to FOLLOW UP.  They reminded me that when a contact does not respond immediately, it is not personal. People get busy just like you and I.  It is your responsibility to professionally follow up.

    YUPRO provided me with the extra kick in the butt that I needed and reminded me that it is okay to be ambitious and aggressive.” -Christina Hubbert


    Christina Hubbert