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Launch a DOL registered apprenticeship program with a strong partner by your side

YUPRO Placement is joining with the Department of Labor (DOL) in celebrating National Apprenticeship Week. Employers across the country are increasingly seeing the value of apprentices and the positive impact apprenticeship programs have on their organizations. This week is dedicated to exploring those benefits and raising awareness—specifically for DOL registered apprenticeships. 

More than 800,000 apprentices participate in registered apprenticeships every single year in the United States. Programs include advanced manufacturing, cybersecurity, financial services, digital marketing, and many more. 

Registered apprenticeships are industry-vetted and approved and validated by the U.S. DOL or a State Apprenticeship Agency. These programs provide employers with enhanced access to larger and more diverse talent pools that have been specifically trained for certain entry-level to management positions, helping to both address industry demands and reduce unemployment rates. 

Apprenticeships for underrepresented talent

While apprenticeships are attractive to companies looking to hire any entry-level employee, they are particularly impactful for those seeking to diversify their talent pipeline. Apprenticeships are particularly beneficial for talent who lack four-year degrees, professional networks, or access to jobs that offer family sustaining wages and career progression.

Apprenticeships give entry-level and middle-skill traditionally excluded talent the experience, training, and workplace exposure they need to launch their careers. Apprenticeships provide talent with real work experience and the high likelihood of a full-time job upon completion while earning a fair-market wage. 

By offering registered apprenticeships, your company joins leading employers building a more equitable workforce by bringing diversity and equity to the forefront. These programs empower talent and drive your business forward. 

Leveraging an All-Inclusive Apprenticeship Partner 

Some of the biggest hurdles when launching a registered apprenticeship program involve navigating the oftentimes overwhelming administrative, training, recruitment, support services, and employment requirements for a DOL certified program. Which is why one of the most effective ways to build your apprenticeship program is through an apprenticeship partner. An apprenticeship partner like YUPRO Placement manages administrative hurdles on behalf of the employer and makes it easy to launch a program within a matter of weeks. 

Our DOL registered apprenticeship program addresses a systemic workforce issue by offering a skills-based hiring solution addressing the Opportunity Gap for underrepresented talent. It’s a win-win for employers, the economy, and, most importantly, the early career workforce that is desperate for career opportunities that remain limited to those with four-year degrees. 

Additionally, our all-inclusive solution takes the burden of launching and managing a registered apprenticeship program off employers and leaves them with all the benefits of a trained workforce. Our Earn More, Learn More Program key features are: 

  • Full-service program management means talent vetting, recruiting and selection with talent earning market wages, access to healthcare benefits and social service resources, along with professional development sessions all while earning industry-recognized certifications. 
  • Adherence to all DOL requirements for both training and on-the-job working hours.
  • Structured upskilling and work-based learning for both virtual and in-person programs.
  • Industry-recognized apprenticeship certificates for talent upon completion.
  • Professional development seminars, 1:1 mentorship, and high-touch coaching.
  • Access to 30,000+ diverse candidates driving equity and inclusion in your workforce.

While registered apprenticeship programs can often be difficult to implement, when 93% of apprentices continue employment upon program completion, companies can’t ignore this valuable recruitment and upskilling tool.

As an apprenticeship partner, we help eliminate the struggles associated with creating and maintaining a program. We help organizations navigate the entire implementation process from beginning to end. YUPRO Placement becomes the employer of record, the healthcare benefits provider, and the place to go for high-touch support. Freed from these responsibilities, organizations can focus on growing the business and maintaining strong, inclusive cultures. 

Explore registered apprenticeships

There are countless benefits to offering apprenticeships. Studies show employees who join through apprenticeships are loyal and stay longer, and companies thrive.

Organizations that offer earn and learn programs also have stronger reputations because of their commitment to supporting diversity and equity in the workplace. Join us in being part of an ecosystem to expand, diversify, modernize, and strengthen registered apprenticeships across the country. 

To learn how you can build a registered apprenticeship program, connect with our team at

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