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Looking for a Change?

Whether searching for work in a new industry or simply looking to level up from your current role and responsibilities, the idea of making a career change can be overwhelming, yet exciting. 

Jobseekers explore change in their careers for various reasons such as:

● Career goals or values have changed

● Discovery of new interests

● Seeking a higher salary

● Lacking career satisfaction

● Seeking opportunity for advancement

It is essential to take time to evaluate the situation at hand and be strategic in the next steps in your career journey. The following five steps will help guide you toward a successful career or role change.

Five Steps to a Successful Career or Role Change

1. Assess Your Current Interests, Values, and Skills

Begin by evaluating your current skills, accomplishments, and career experience. Identify key elements within your professional career that may be transferable, such as organization, communication, and collaboration– qualities all employers require jobseekers to possess.

Key Tip: You may consider speaking with a career counselor who can assist in determining which alternative careers best suit your experience and interests. 

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2. Brainstorm Potential Career and Job Options

Based on the assessment of your current interests, values, and skills, create a list of five to ten potential employment options, and evaluate the job description, skills, and requirements for each of the roles listed. 

3. Develop New Skills

Pursuing a new professional path may require varying levels of upskilling and career experience. It is important to determine what skills, training, or certification you may need in order to qualify for the roles you are interested in.

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4. Update Your Resume

To ensure a smooth, successful career change, be sure to make note of the keywords employers utilize to describe their ideal candidates in your profession and, where applicable, update your resume to reflect them. 

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5. Use Your Network

As you upskill, consider speaking with individuals within your personal and professional network who may give insight into the key skills and certifications that are valued in the industry you are looking to land within. 

You’re the Driver of Your Own Success

Throughout your professional career, you will likely find yourself searching for a career or role change. Remember to take time to review your professional experience in relation to potential employment options. 

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Key Takeaways:

● Evaluate transferable skills you may have as well as skills you need to obtain.

● Create a list of five to ten potential employment options.

● Utilize your network to your advantage.

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