Meet Our Team

Dan – National Director, Strategic Growth

Dan is a business development leader with over a decade of experience supporting corporate partners in addressing workforce development challenges. As a first-generation college student, Dan is passionate about YUPRO Placement’s skills-first approach to forging non-traditional career pathways for the majority of adult Americans without a four-year college degree.  In his role as National Director, Strategic Growth, Dan collaborates with corporate partners to help them tap into a sustainable, high-quality talent pipeline while amplifying underrepresented voices across fields and supporting corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts for success.

Dan shares, “It is not that 65% of adult Americans are not smart enough to earn a four year college degree; it is that 65% of Americans do not have the financial privilege to earn a four year degree without a guaranteed job placement at a fair-market rate upon graduation.  Let’s work together to change the systemic problem underpinning the talent shortage by investing resources in alternative pathways for in-demand roles.”