Meet Our Team

Alyssa – Associate Director, Client Delivery

Alyssa motivates, coaches, and supports our amazing talent each day as a Talent and Account Manager. Alyssa’s passion for placement and coaching began while interviewing for a job at a staffing company. They immediately saw a spark in her, so they hired her on the spot to learn recruiting, and Alyssa was hooked! Alyssa’s discernment skills and natural curiosity, along with her work ethic of ‘do what it takes’ fit well with YUPRO Placement’s mission, as Alyssa serves as a role model for her talent on assignment. They respond well to Alyssa’s motivational tips, and she works diligently to always provide encouragement as they apply those tips.

Alyssa shares“Working toward a social mission not only continuously holds us accountable, but also allows us to do something very magical, to create a positive change in someone’s life.”