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YUPRO Placement is the nation’s leading skills-first placement firm.

We place focus on talent skilled through alternative pathways such as work and life experiences, certifications, bootcamps, and community college courses to solve entry-level and mid-career hiring demands while driving social impact.

It is our mission to place talent into full-time roles that provide fair market wages, upskilling pathways, and upward career mobility for traditionally overlooked talent with employers committed to an inclusive and equitable workforce.

Level Up Your Career and #LiftWhileYouClimb

Download the YUPRO Placement Careers App Today!

Our YUPRO Placement Careers App brings career progression and job opportunities to the palm of your hands. Once your profile is created, YUPRO Placement will handle the rest–we will connect you with top employers, including a vast network of Fortune 500 companies seeking to place talent to work.

Building your profile on the YUPRO Placement Careers App enables you to:

  • Personalize your job search to match with employment options that fit your current needs
  • Be notified of open job positions available
  • Apply to jobs right from your phone
  • Take the next step in your career with one of our top employers
  • Earn job referral rewards $$ and #liftwhileyouclimb

YUPRO Placement is adding new jobs daily – download the app from the App Store or Google Play and see them in real time, right from your phone!

Job seeker office hours

Attend Drop-in Virtual Office Hours

The YUPRO Placement team is available every Wednesday from 3-4 p.m. ET/ 12-1 p.m. PT.

Our drop-in virtual office hours include job search strategies and topics such as:

  • How to fine-tune your job search
  • Resume and interview guidance and career support
  • Learn how to negotiate pay or a raise at work
  • Where to gain access to YUPRO Placement’s upskilling resources
  • Get connected with our social service resources

Register for our Jobseeker Bootcamp Series

YUPRO Placement Jobseeker Bootcamp is held each month and provides live, virtual sessions covering job search strategies, LinkedIn and personal branding, resume creation, and interview preparation. Sessions are Tuesday- Friday from 1pm – 1:45pm ET / 10am – 10:45am PT over Zoom.

  • Tuesday: Job Search Strategies
  • Wednesday: Resume Creation
  • Thursday: LinkedIn & Personal Branding
  • Friday: Interview Preparation & Salary Negotiation
Job seeker bootcamp

Connect with YUPRO Placement

In search of social service resources?

YUPRO Placement provides free resources via our self-service search portal so that our community of job seekers, employees, community partner participants, and coachees have easy access to support services.

We connect you to 875+ free and reduced-cost resources for transit, housing, food, legal, health, and much more. Your outreach does not get stored with personal information so you can have confidence in the confidentiality of your searches.

The Social Care Network

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Contact us here: info@yupro.com