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TalentWave is committed to the organizations which support not only our business, but also our own families, neighborhoods, communities and beyond. We are especially proud of our dedication to youth and education/mentoring programs, and we look forward to the continued efforts of all who make these programs successful.

Based out of Foster City, California, TalentWave provides full support to the YUPRO organization. We are proud of the efforts and successes made by Year Up, and our decision to work with the YUPRO team to promote education into career and life-long learning.

Transforming the World of Independent Work

Change is the only constant. In today’s evolving workplace many talented, experienced, and hard-working professionals are choosing to join the independent workforce. This dynamic shift has become a powerful, unstoppable force that is rewriting the very definition of work, creating both risk and opportunity for talent buyers. But that’s okay because we believe this change is exciting, transformative, and beneficial for companies of all sizes and the independent workers they rely on to get vital work done.

We are TalentWave. We believe talent is the new “competitive advantage” and those who can find and deploy talent effectively will win. As independent contractor compliance and engagement experts we empower our clients to leverage this new talent dynamic. We are at the center of the independent workforce ecosystem: enabling clients to self-source talent, engage them quickly and safely, with full oversight of process and cost. Then we help them retain and re-engage the best proven talent. We make the complex seem easy, and are constantly looking ahead to the future to ensure our clients are ready for it.

More than that, we are passionate about what we do. We believe in it. With our help, companies can engage the exceptionally talented independent workers they need. Our clients gain flexibility and the results which drive their businesses forward. Independent workers get access to rewarding work, and gain freedom and control over their careers. Both parties benefit.

Enabling clients and independent workers to work together. Easily. Safely. Effectively.

We are TalentWave: Independent Workforce. Simplified.

About TalentWave

TalentWave was created by the strategic merger of the two leading contingent workforce management solution providers in 2015: ICon Professional Services (founded in 1997) and Synergy Services (founded in 2001); both widely recognized as pioneers in helping enterprise clients and their independent workers to work together—easily, effectively, and safely. It’s that simple.

As the largest and most experienced independent workforce engagement solutions provider in the industry our clients include many Fortune 1000 companies from diverse industries across the globe. They depend on our innovative technology, expertise, and unmatched customer service to safely and effectively engage their independent workers across the Compliance Continuum™.

TalentWave’s proven independent workforce engagement solutions, delivered through the company’s award-winning and proprietary iConnect® SaaS technology platform, include:

  • ICverify® – Independent contractor vetting and validation
  • ICpay® – Agent of record (AOR) services for IC engagement
  • Professional payrolling – Employer of record (EOR) services
  • Vendor qualification and subcontracting services
  • Talent Community – Talent re-engagement solution
  • Global services
  • Advisory services

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