Sahaar Rezaie

When Sahaar joined the Year Up team in 2008, she knew she would have the opportunity to work with some of the most talented young adults in this country. What she did not know, however, was that she was about to embark upon a personal journey that would last the next five years of her life.

Sahaar-crop“One of the things I appreciated the most about the curriculum taught at Year Up was the focus that was placed on not only technical skills, but the coaching around self-awareness and how you want to be viewed in the world as a professional young adult. We didn’t focus solely on building our young adults’ technical skill set, we also emphasized the importance of building community and social responsibility.”

During her tenure at Year Up, Sahaar managed both Corporate Partner relations, which included companies such as Facebook, Mozilla and Kaiser Permanente, as well as post-program outcomes for graduates. Sahaar’s dual role at Year Up gave her an inside perspective of both partner and graduate needs, and she quickly noticed the demand for a staffing platform.

“I remember being asked on countless occasions by hiring managers if Year Up could serve as a vendor for contract positions and reluctantly having to say no. It is so exciting to be in a place where I can now say yes!”

Sahaar worked as a thought partner with senior leadership at Year Up as the business plan for YUPRO was developed and came to fruition, and is excited to join the YUPRO startup team as the West Regional Director. In her new role with YUPRO, Sahaar will focus on building a client base on the West Coast and matching Year Up graduates with job opportunities across the western region.

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