Roberto Green, Jr.

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“Ever since I connected with YUPRO I have gained various resourceful tools and insight on ways to progress in my career. They have given me so much invaluable information and advice when it came to advancing my career that it has allowed me to become more confident and strategic as I continue to plan my next steps in my career. Whether you are seeking new opportunities or simply looking to gain new connections with experienced leaders in your industry, YUPRO is the place to go. When opportunity doesn’t come knocking on your door, it becomes your own responsibility to knock on every door in order to continue to progress in your own career path. Let YUPRO guide you in the right direction, and pay it forward by guiding others to YUPRO when they need it most. Thank you all again for all that you do.”

-Roberto Green, Jr.

Senior Client Service Specialist at State Street Bank

Class of January 2011

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