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“As an active alumni, I have attended two Alumni Summits and was an active member of my local board Alumni Board.  I always felt Year Up had given me so much during my year and it was my time to give back. I would have never imagined I would need more assistance especially not with employment.

Dr. D reminded me about YUPRO. As a seasoned alumni, I was skeptical about what YUPRO could offer me, but I thought, “what it could hurt?”.  I reached out to Patricia Hughes, she contacted me more quickly than I expected. She asked targeted questions about my experience, my goals, and what I was doing in my job search and reminded me of High Expectations and High Support.

With YUPRO’s help I focused on building my professional network and have started a new job as a Desk Top Analyst at Chick-Fil-A through TRC Staffing.

YUPRO provided me with a “refresher” I didn’t even know I needed. The greatest jewel that YUPRO gave me is to FOLLOW UP.  They reminded me that when a contact does not respond immediately, it is not personal. People get busy just like you and I.  It is your responsibility to professionally follow up.

YUPRO provided me with the extra kick in the butt that I needed and reminded me that it is okay to be ambitious and aggressive.”

-Christina Hubbert

Desktop Analyst at Chick-Fil-A

Year Up Class of 2011

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