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Improving Nonverbal Communication

Tips for improving how you read nonverbal communication Practice observing people in public places, such as a shopping mall, bus, train, café, restaurant, or even on a television talk show with the sound muted. Observing how others use body language can teach you how to better receive and use nonverbal signals […]

A Candidate’s Guide to Interviewing

By Daniel Guelzo, CTS, CPC LiFo, Guest Author for YUPRO First, a few facts about interviewing: Hiring managers have a greater fear of making a bad hire than candidates will ever have in making a bad employment decision.   Reason behind this fear is because when hiring managers make bad hiring decisions, […]

First Impressions Are Everything

One would think that putting pen to paper (or hand to keyboard) to write a resume would be a relatively easy task. Perhaps that is why so many of us procrastinate, convinced we’ll be able to pull it together later. No problem, right? Wrong. We currently live in an era […]