Accomplished Alumni
Accomplished Alumni

Energetic, passionate, enthusiastic and driven.  These a just a few of the words that undoubtedly describe Elijah Casey, Year Up Boston’s Alumni President.  He is excited about the future and unequivocally identifies Year Up as one of his greatest passions.  To Elijah, it seemed like not long ago he applied and was accepted to a handful of amazing Boston colleges and universities.  Numbers were crunched and it became apparent to the Casey household that a full-time undergraduate degree was financially out of reach.  A disappointed Elijah turned this obstacle into positive energy.  He decided to apply to Year Up and after several rounds of interviews, meetings and assessments, he was accepted into the program and found himself among other eager and motivated young adults within the Year Up Boston Learning Communities.

“Twenty-one weeks later, after academic achievement and an infraction-free record, I truly saw the growth from where I had started. I saw the potential for my future and concluded that these positive outcomes were in most part the product of one thing: taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. Opportunities at Year Up were abundant, and eventually through capitalizing on each, Year Uphelped cultivate me into a young professional ready to intern at Harvard’s Department of Chemistry and Chemical and Biology.”

After starting at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Elijah worked tirelessly as a Portfolio Assistant. “I was given the opportunity to learn and implement financial operations within the Finance Department. I loved it.  Every day I challenged myself to learn something new, improve upon something I had already learned, or just simply interact with someone I had never spoken to before.”  It is no doubt that this type of attitude supports, if not propels Elijah’s success, such as being elected as Year Up Boston’s Alumni Association President.

Currently, Elijah is still at Harvard in the department of Physics working as an Accountant.  He is also taking courses at Harvard Extension seeking a degree in Economics.  Perhaps this is why, despite the demands on his schedule, he has a bounce in his step and his eyes on the future.  As his mother has shared with him, “when your heart beats a little faster, your hours extend a little longer, and your love grows deeper, then you’ve found a passion.”

To Elijah, his passion lies within supporting the Alumni of Year Up, as well as challenging himself with continued personal and professional growth.