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YUPRO Topic Overview for Training Database

Welcome to the YUPRO members only career training page. The purpose of this database is to provide the Alumni of Year Up with resources and tips geared towards positive career progression.

Our three tiers of training include: REACH, TOUCHPOINT, and ASCENT


Our training program for alums who are in a job search and sharpening skills such as:


1) Reach Article #1 gives a list of ten tips for how to make a good first impression at a job interview.

2) Reach Article #2 focuses on follow-up etiquette after an interview, but more specifically what to do after a not-so-perfect interview.

Touch Point 

Our training program for alums who have just begun a job and are honing in on skills to succeed such as:


1) Touch Point Article #1 was published by Harvard Business School and details how one would go about properly and professionally setting goals with a new boss.

2) Touch Point Article #2 focuses on orienting to your new position, as well as making a great impression on your boss/colleagues.


Our training program for alums who are focused on career planning, promotions and management skills such as:


1) Ascent Article #1 addresses several career advancement topics related to getting yourself promoted.

2)  Ascent Article #2 covers how to professionally approach an employer about a promotion.

3)  Ascent Article #3 discusses how one would go about asking for a raise in the best and most effective way possible.

To view all current job openings at YUPRO, visit our career page by clicking here!

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